Beautiful sunny canal ten ☀️

Legs felt good, effort felt right, maybe a touch higher than usual, but HR was way elevated. This always happens after a break so I’€™m not worried, but it does make me wonder how to approach London!

17:02 min/mi1487 ft
27:45 min/mi17616 ft
37:23 min/mi17714 ft
47:31 min/mi17611 ft
57:29 min/mi17315 ft
67:21 min/mi175-12 ft
77:35 min/mi179-15 ft
87:30 min/mi179-12 ft
97:41 min/mi182-8 ft
107:33 min/mi179-16 ft
Lap Time Distance PaceHR
Total 1:15:03 10.0 mi 7:29 min/mi175
1 37:41 5.07 mi 7:26 min/mi171
2 37:21 4.96 mi 7:32 min/mi179

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