Intervals (5×1600m @ ~6:40 pace)

Last track session before the Royal Parks Half. Bit tired today, so felt like quite hard work. Didn’t quite manage the pace I ran last time I did this session, but given breezy home straight and tiredness not too bad. Knee feeling better and better.

18:59 min/mi1470 ft
26:33 min/mi1881 ft
37:24 min/mi181-0 ft
47:25 min/mi1810 ft
57:21 min/mi1780 ft
67:30 min/mi186-0 ft
76:52 min/mi187-1 ft
89:04 min/mi1650 ft
0.19:23 min/mi163-1 ft
Lap Time Distance PaceHR
Total 1:02:16 8.1 mi 7:40 min/mi175
Average .0 400m :00 min/mi
WU 1:02:16 8.11 mi 7:40 min/mi175

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