Telford 10K 2̶0̶1̶7̶ 2018

Started right at the back due to disastrous warm-up, hard to settle in to pace so ended up running it more as a hard tempo. Legs felt really strong the whole way around. Happy enough given the circumstances. Would like to think I could have been around 36 minutes with a normal start…

13:395:51 min/mi186-28 ft
23:415:56 min/mi188-15 ft
33:516:10 min/mi188-5 ft
43:526:13 min/mi1723 ft
53:466:04 min/mi1676 ft
63:516:11 min/mi17219 ft
73:466:03 min/mi181-19 ft
83:566:19 min/mi1874 ft
93:446:01 min/mi187-1 ft
103:035:43 min/mi189-9 ft
Total37:076.2 mi5:58 min/mi182
15:480.98 mi5:55 min/mi187
25:590.97 mi6:11 min/mi187
36:011.00 mi5:59 min/mi166
46:060.98 mi6:12 min/mi177
56:010.98 mi6:07 min/mi183
66:001.00 mi5:59 min/mi188
71:110.21 mi5:40 min/mi188

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