What’s this damp stuff coming from the sky? 🤔🌧

17:12 min/mi15410 ft
27:36 min/mi16416 ft
37:25 min/mi16412 ft
47:30 min/mi1647 ft
57:30 min/mi16512 ft
67:17 min/mi159-3 ft
77:22 min/mi163-13 ft
87:25 min/mi163-23 ft
97:42 min/mi164-12 ft
107:24 min/mi165-20 ft
0.17:22 min/mi1641 ft
Total1:15:2210.1 mi7:26 min/mi162
138:135.13 mi7:27 min/mi162
237:084.99 mi7:26 min/mi163

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