Abandoned track session

Track was in use for some kind of school sports day. Slightly annoying, but it was peeing it down so not entirely gutted I had to cancel. Will try again tomorrow!

18:17 min/mi1648 ft
28:14 min/mi166-135 ft
38:16 min/mi169-35 ft
48:22 min/mi16830 ft
58:43 min/mi172109 ft
68:20 min/mi175-6 ft
0.88:13 min/mi167-3 ft
Total56:576.8 mi8:21 min/mi169
112:291.53 mi8:10 min/mi165
227:073.22 mi8:25 min/mi168
37:380.88 mi8:40 min/mi179
49:401.19 mi8:07 min/mi168

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