Back in Bostons

Trying to reduce my reliance on Vaporflys. I’d forgotten how nice it is to run with a thinner shoe and actually feel connected to the path.

18:07 min/mi1583 ft
27:47 min/mi172-3 ft
37:57 min/mi17519 ft
48:01 min/mi17412 ft
58:01 min/mi17522 ft
66:56 min/mi174-18 ft
77:53 min/mi179-5 ft
87:52 min/mi180-7 ft
97:46 min/mi184-24 ft
107:40 min/mi180-3 ft
0.28:15 min/mi186-10 ft
Lap Time Distance PaceHR
Total 1:19:59 10.1 mi 7:54 min/mi175
1 1:19:55 10.09 mi 7:55 min/mi175

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