Breezy easy

It’s been a while since I ran this route. Pleased with the pace as the wind was against me, and its mostly uphill.

17:32 min/mi164-17 ft
27:29 min/mi169-5 ft
37:47 min/mi17052 ft
47:29 min/mi170-18 ft
58:00 min/mi17680 ft
68:06 min/mi175142 ft
77:51 min/mi169-37 ft
Total54:267.0 mi7:45 min/mi170
120:062.64 mi7:37 min/mi167
219:552.58 mi7:43 min/mi173
38:231.02 mi8:14 min/mi176
46:010.79 mi7:37 min/mi166

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