Canal eight 🦆🐥

Cut short as I was getting some pain to my lower right calf. It eased as I walked home so hopefully I’ve not done any damage 🤞

17:58 min/mi17114 ft
27:44 min/mi176-10 ft
37:42 min/mi17420 ft
47:53 min/mi17914 ft
57:59 min/mi17916 ft
66:46 min/mi170-14 ft
77:45 min/mi179-7 ft
87:48 min/mi178-9 ft
0.57:50 min/mi177-14 ft
Lap Time Distance PaceHR
Total 1:05:17 8.3 mi 7:50 min/mi176
1 1:05:15 8.32 mi 7:50 min/mi176

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