Commute home

Decided to bin the easy run scheduled for tonight. Knee feels pretty much fine today, but an extra day of rest is probably for the best. I’d rather have a really good intervals session, than an ok easy run today, and find the knee aggravated tomorrow.

Will take the rest of the week as it comes, but hoping given how it feels today I’ll be back to normal soon.

Total31:157.5 mi14.5 mph167
14:071.00 mi12.8 mph143
23:331.00 mi16.1 mph166
34:031.00 mi12.3 mph168
43:491.00 mi15.4 mph169
53:561.00 mi13.4 mph172
64:471.00 mi12.5 mph171
73:481.00 mi11.4 mph173
82:260.54 mi13.4 mph176

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