Easy canal twelve avoiding the flooded east bank

17:01 min/mi148-21 ft
27:03 min/mi1604 ft
37:29 min/mi15818 ft
47:20 min/mi1609 ft
57:24 min/mi16314 ft
67:21 min/mi15910 ft
77:07 min/mi156-5 ft
87:15 min/mi159-12 ft
97:11 min/mi159-26 ft
107:20 min/mi162-12 ft
117:14 min/mi163-15 ft
127:10 min/mi159-5 ft
0.27:15 min/mi160-1 ft
Total1:28:4112.2 mi7:15 min/mi159
145:036.18 mi7:17 min/mi158
243:386.05 mi7:12 min/mi160

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