Easy down to the City

GPS went a bit nuts in Victoria Park, don’t think it liked the tree coverage now all the leaves are out. Actual distance should be about 11.5 I think.

18:08 min/mi1618 ft
28:00 min/mi160-151 ft
37:42 min/mi163-76 ft
47:38 min/mi169-25 ft
58:08 min/mi17026 ft
67:25 min/mi169-62 ft
77:46 min/mi171-7 ft
87:47 min/mi170-4 ft
98:11 min/mi168-3 ft
106:39 min/mi1661 ft
115:44 min/mi1685 ft
0.97:49 min/mi16713 ft
Total1:30:2711.5 mi7:51 min/mi167
117:372.16 mi8:08 min/mi160
220:082.55 mi7:53 min/mi169
36:490.88 mi7:44 min/mi169
413:201.72 mi7:45 min/mi171
517:312.14 mi8:11 min/mi168
614:592.08 mi7:11 min/mi167

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