Easy down to the City

Legs felt pretty heavy this morning, but thankfully felt a little better as I got going.

17:44 min/mi156-58 ft
28:04 min/mi16819 ft
37:54 min/mi168-22 ft
47:39 min/mi165-108 ft
57:42 min/mi168-82 ft
67:55 min/mi16732 ft
77:44 min/mi168-63 ft
87:51 min/mi1742 ft
97:15 min/mi17013 ft
0.27:03 min/mi164-3 ft
Total1:10:589.2 mi7:44 min/mi167
128:183.58 mi7:54 min/mi164
220:302.59 mi7:54 min/mi168
322:102.86 mi7:44 min/mi171

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