Easy run via Finsbury Park

Knee still niggling a little bit, not major pain but definitely not right. Planned rest day tomorrow, and will see how it is at the weekend. Have to remember my HM in three weeks, and not overdo things now and spoil that! Fingers crossed…

18:54 min/mi147-17 ft
29:06 min/mi153-6 ft
39:36 min/mi15874 ft
48:59 min/mi154-40 ft
59:27 min/mi16067 ft
69:32 min/mi15984 ft
0.59:08 min/mi16293 ft
Total1:00:196.5 mi9:15 min/mi156
123:542.64 mi9:03 min/mi153
213:281.44 mi9:20 min/mi155
319:342.07 mi9:28 min/mi160
43:210.37 mi9:09 min/mi162

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