Easy run with 10 × 12s hill sprints

My Garmin 920XT totally refused to get a satallite lock, and with the drizzle starting I couldn’t be bothered to wait around so started anyway – as a result distance and pace may not be quite right here.

First hill sprints in a while, legs feeling fresh and free of niggles which is nice.

19:45 min/mi15715 ft
29:10 min/mi16322 ft
39:12 min/mi16612 ft
49:15 min/mi16626 ft
59:25 min/mi16672 ft
68:56 min/mi17461 ft
78:54 min/mi17733 ft
0.59:30 min/mi17025 ft
Total1:10:127.5 mi9:20 min/mi167
149:175.26 mi9:22 min/mi164
2:120.03 mi6:27 min/mi175
31:050.12 mi9:15 min/mi180
4:120.03 mi7:33 min/mi167
51:060.11 mi9:34 min/mi179
6:120.03 mi5:57 min/mi167
71:020.12 mi8:58 min/mi178
8:120.03 mi6:41 min/mi168
91:060.12 mi9:12 min/mi170
10:120.03 mi6:10 min/mi167
111:060.12 mi9:21 min/mi168
12:120.03 mi6:24 min/mi170
131:050.12 mi9:19 min/mi177
14:120.03 mi6:16 min/mi172
151:050.11 mi9:25 min/mi178
16:120.03 mi6:03 min/mi172
171:060.12 mi9:10 min/mi179
18:120.03 mi6:16 min/mi174
191:040.12 mi9:12 min/mi184
20:120.03 mi6:38 min/mi176
21:570.11 mi8:52 min/mi184
227:290.78 mi9:32 min/mi171

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