Easy up and down the canal

HRM bit crazy, especially in the first half. Weirdly settled down when I put my gloves back on, I guess because cold skin doesn’t work great with optical HRM.

18:38 min/mi160-16 ft
28:17 min/mi1757 ft
38:30 min/mi17521 ft
48:29 min/mi1854 ft
58:28 min/mi1761 ft
68:34 min/mi171-11 ft
78:26 min/mi168-25 ft
88:22 min/mi164-1 ft
0.38:08 min/mi166-8 ft
Total1:10:218.3 mi8:27 min/mi171
136:324.30 mi8:29 min/mi175
233:484.01 mi8:25 min/mi168

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