Easy via Victoria Park

The GPS messed up again in Victoria Park, although this time it entirely skipped the long loop around the park I did. Bit annoying as it was quite a good run, average of about 7:31 min/mi for the full 11.5 miles.

18:01 min/mi1586 ft
27:20 min/mi162-154 ft
37:42 min/mi170-84 ft
47:36 min/mi169-4 ft
57:47 min/mi170-17 ft
67:22 min/mi170-25 ft
77:28 min/mi168-8 ft
815:28 min/mi167-9 ft
96:43 min/mi1710 ft
107:04 min/mi1716 ft
0.57:16 min/mi1708 ft
Total1:26:3111.5 mi7:31 min/mi168
17:290.92 mi8:07 min/mi158
27:150.97 mi7:27 min/mi162
320:082.59 mi7:47 min/mi169
46:450.88 mi7:38 min/mi168
512:541.77 mi7:16 min/mi169
617:011.96 mi8:41 min/mi170
714:562.03 mi7:21 min/mi171

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