Fasted medium-long via Victoria Park

GPS screwed up and showed as only 12.0 on Garmin and 11.5 on Strava – note the missing section around Victoria Park on the map! Plotting the route on MapMyRun, it should have been around 12.8 I think. Shame as it was quite a good run up until I hit Regent’s Canal and my Garmin lost it. Thought the pace seemed rather slow in Victoria Park!

17:57 min/mi1665 ft
27:33 min/mi169-154 ft
37:31 min/mi174-80 ft
46:55 min/mi176-8 ft
57:58 min/mi177-6 ft
67:04 min/mi175-36 ft
713:12 min/mi1772 ft
812:38 min/mi177-18 ft
97:52 min/mi1755 ft
108:02 min/mi1736 ft
117:38 min/mi172-1 ft
0.57:09 min/mi17119 ft
Total1:38:2212.8 mi7:41 min/mi174
114:581.92 mi7:47 min/mi167
220:002.56 mi7:48 min/mi176
36:560.91 mi7:36 min/mi174
413:341.59 mi8:30 min/mi177
525:032.93 mi8:32 min/mi176
617:492.11 mi8:27 min/mi172

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