Final big long run via River Lea & Regent’s Canal

With Hyde Park taken over by the Royal Parks Half Marathon, decided to do a route I’d be meaning to try for ages, heading down along the River Lea and Regent’s Canal before heading back up to Hampstead and home.

Very pleased with how things turned out, wanted to do at least 21 miles but was otherwise going to take it as it came. Legs were still feeling pretty strong at 20 miles so decided to push on to 24 miles which takes me to 90 miles for the week. Kept up a decent pace for the whole run, and heart rate was well under control. Couldn’t ask for much more from a final long run. Now it’s taper time!

17:21 min/mi159-55 ft
27:36 min/mi16916 ft
37:32 min/mi165-60 ft
47:14 min/mi163-84 ft
57:21 min/mi164-61 ft
67:36 min/mi163-5 ft
77:17 min/mi163-3 ft
87:24 min/mi164-75 ft
97:19 min/mi166-5 ft
107:27 min/mi1724 ft
117:23 min/mi169-5 ft
127:27 min/mi16533 ft
137:21 min/mi1693 ft
147:22 min/mi17310 ft
157:23 min/mi17312 ft
167:29 min/mi1674 ft
177:17 min/mi1629 ft
187:23 min/mi16724 ft
197:41 min/mi17170 ft
207:07 min/mi164-43 ft
217:26 min/mi15745 ft
227:28 min/mi17329 ft
237:40 min/mi171143 ft
247:13 min/mi172-67 ft
Total2:58:0424.0 mi7:24 min/mi167
119:152.57 mi7:29 min/mi166
249:486.74 mi7:23 min/mi164
314:241.94 mi7:25 min/mi169
428:543.91 mi7:23 min/mi171
523:563.22 mi7:25 min/mi166
64:330.59 mi7:42 min/mi170
76:200.89 mi7:05 min/mi164
86:400.89 mi7:29 min/mi156
910:001.35 mi7:25 min/mi171
107:160.95 mi7:40 min/mi172
116:540.96 mi7:11 min/mi171

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