Final track session (3×1600m @ 5K pace)

The final speed session before Frankfurt, and indeed perhaps my final session at this track! Pleased to hit roughly 5K pace each time and keep the reps pretty consistent. Felt hard, but manageable, and the legs felt much fresher than they have in previous sessions. Aside from a MP “dress rehearsal” next week it’s just easy and recovery runs now until the marathon. Not long now!

17:35 min/mi1678 ft
27:25 min/mi165-130 ft
37:20 min/mi171-42 ft
46:29 min/mi180-11 ft
57:39 min/mi176-1 ft
66:50 min/mi1774 ft
76:49 min/mi1741 ft
87:30 min/mi17615 ft
97:58 min/mi1668 ft
Total1:05:569.0 mi7:17 min/mi172
3 ×5:54.01600m5:56 min/mi
Average1:28.5400m5:56 min/mi
WU24:593.34 mi7:28 min/mi168
15:551600m5:57 min/mi191
R4:53800m9:49 min/mi170
25:541600m5:56 min/mi176
R5:03850m9:33 min/mi165
35:531600m5:55 min/mi188
R2:30400m10:03 min/mi175
WD10:441.35 mi7:56 min/mi164

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