Home via Finsbury Park

GPS went screwy at start so unfortunately pace isn’t accurate – more like 6.1 miles and 8:45/mi pace 🙁 Legs feel good and effort felt fine, so hoping once I get back in to doing speedier stuff the HR comes back down…

15:47 min/mi162-31 ft
28:31 min/mi1701 ft
38:38 min/mi17462 ft
48:31 min/mi178-25 ft
58:39 min/mi18135 ft
68:36 min/mi182125 ft
0.58:35 min/mi18034 ft
Total53:246.5 mi8:09 min/mi176
15:160.90 mi5:50 min/mi161
217:332.02 mi8:41 min/mi172
312:421.48 mi8:34 min/mi178
417:512.04 mi8:44 min/mi182

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