Hot and sweaty long run

Very warm out there today! Tried not to worry too much about the pace, fairly pleased with what came out given the conditions.

17:39 min/mi153-57 ft
27:49 min/mi165-39 ft
38:37 min/mi175185 ft
47:46 min/mi171-89 ft
57:18 min/mi167-167 ft
67:38 min/mi167-75 ft
77:36 min/mi172-1 ft
87:55 min/mi17410 ft
98:00 min/mi174-6 ft
107:43 min/mi17555 ft
117:45 min/mi178-49 ft
127:55 min/mi17863 ft
137:55 min/mi17035 ft
148:10 min/mi176130 ft
157:41 min/mi170-98 ft
167:52 min/mi17354 ft
Total2:05:3016.0 mi7:50 min/mi171
114:531.93 mi7:42 min/mi159
29:281.10 mi8:36 min/mi175
320:552.77 mi7:32 min/mi168
430:163.86 mi7:50 min/mi174
51:220.19 mi7:04 min/mi178
68:461.12 mi7:49 min/mi178
77:420.97 mi7:54 min/mi178
817:242.17 mi8:01 min/mi173
914:401.89 mi7:44 min/mi172

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