Hot, long, progressive(ish) run

Hot day today, and my legs were feeling tired after a good week of training, so I moved the faster portion of the progressive run to the flatter section of the route around Regent’s Park. Pretty pleased with overall performance, although the last few miles were definitely a slog. Good week of training though.

18:39 min/mi151-74 ft
28:56 min/mi167110 ft
38:50 min/mi17446 ft
48:17 min/mi162-202 ft
58:30 min/mi163-85 ft
67:43 min/mi177-23 ft
77:52 min/mi18119 ft
87:55 min/mi179-9 ft
97:43 min/mi181-3 ft
107:53 min/mi18331 ft
118:21 min/mi17624 ft
128:31 min/mi17516 ft
138:47 min/mi17231 ft
149:01 min/mi17387 ft
158:38 min/mi17319 ft
168:29 min/mi174-14 ft
Total2:14:1616.0 mi8:23 min/mi172
110:371.24 mi8:33 min/mi153
210:071.10 mi9:12 min/mi172
323:132.75 mi8:26 min/mi165
440:515.22 mi7:49 min/mi180
59:051.07 mi8:27 min/mi174
612:571.48 mi8:46 min/mi176
76:280.73 mi8:48 min/mi169
88:310.94 mi9:05 min/mi176
912:231.47 mi8:25 min/mi173

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