Humid medium-long via Victoria Park

GPS stayed locked on again, whatever was causing issues around VP has hopefully stopped! Pleased with the pace today on a warm and humid morning. Legs felt good but felt pretty tired when I started – all these early mornings are hard work!

17:37 min/mi158-60 ft
27:44 min/mi16820 ft
37:34 min/mi169-20 ft
47:26 min/mi168-114 ft
57:34 min/mi169-78 ft
67:50 min/mi17225 ft
77:29 min/mi167-57 ft
87:39 min/mi170-5 ft
97:37 min/mi169-8 ft
107:30 min/mi171-7 ft
117:39 min/mi1714 ft
127:31 min/mi170-1 ft
137:38 min/mi1728 ft
0.68:03 min/mi17610 ft
Total1:43:4413.6 mi7:37 min/mi169
119:562.58 mi7:43 min/mi165
27:191.00 mi7:17 min/mi165
319:422.57 mi7:39 min/mi170
46:340.87 mi7:31 min/mi167
513:191.74 mi7:39 min/mi170
623:213.09 mi7:33 min/mi171
713:291.74 mi7:44 min/mi173

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