Intervals (5×1600m @ ~6:41 pace)

Pretty pleased with the pace on these 1600m intervals, especially as it was quite windy today. The third interval (split 6) should be a full 1600m, but the Garmin reset again losing the last lap. Really wish Garmin would sort this shitty watch out, really poor.

18:33 min/mi149-2 ft
26:38 min/mi1831 ft
36:59 min/mi1831 ft
47:21 min/mi176-1 ft
59:20 min/mi175-8 ft
67:30 min/mi1800 ft
77:12 min/mi1812 ft
88:54 min/mi1571 ft
0.18:37 min/mi1614 ft
Total1:00:508.1 mi7:28 min/mi172
4 ×6:43.31600m6:45 min/mi
1 ×5:10.01200m6:55 min/mi
Average1:41.2400m6:47 min/mi
WU8:170.95 mi8:40 min/mi150
16:341600m6:36 min/mi181
R2:11400m8:47 min/mi176
26:391600m6:41 min/mi187
R2:16400m9:07 min/mi162
35:101200m6:55 min/mi183
R2:03400m8:14 min/mi158
46:471600m6:49 min/mi183
R2:24400m9:39 min/mi172
56:531600m6:55 min/mi184
R2:11400m8:47 min/mi159
WD9:201.05 mi8:52 min/mi157

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