Intervals (6×1000m @ ~6:22 pace)

Legs felt a little tired today, not surprising really given my biggest ever mileage week last week. Dug in and ended up with a decent pace. I also reduced the recovery to 400m from the 500m I used to use, to make it easier to measure on the track.

18:50 min/mi1450 ft
27:03 min/mi1771 ft
37:10 min/mi181-0 ft
47:10 min/mi1780 ft
57:16 min/mi1800 ft
67:22 min/mi1810 ft
79:27 min/mi1530 ft
0.39:04 min/mi1540 ft
Total56:437.3 mi7:48 min/mi169
6 ×4:01.81000m6:29 min/mi
Average1:36.7400m6:29 min/mi
WU8:400.97 mi8:56 min/mi145
14:011000m6:27 min/mi182
R2:21400m9:27 min/mi170
24:001000m6:26 min/mi185
R2:24400m9:39 min/mi172
33:591000m6:24 min/mi185
R2:21400m9:27 min/mi166
44:011000m6:27 min/mi183
R2:25400m9:43 min/mi173
54:031000m6:31 min/mi183
R2:29400m9:59 min/mi172
64:071000m6:37 min/mi184
R2:27400m9:51 min/mi157
WD9:181.01 mi9:10 min/mi152

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