Intervals (6×800m)

Very windy on the home straight today, especially on the last few reps.

18:51 min/mi170-14 ft
28:50 min/mi173-107 ft
38:59 min/mi183-16 ft
47:38 min/mi186-12 ft
57:28 min/mi191-1 ft
67:31 min/mi1954 ft
77:53 min/mi191-7 ft
87:41 min/mi1865 ft
0.89:00 min/mi17925 ft
Total1:12:138.8 mi8:11 min/mi183
6 ×3:25.0800m6:52 min/mi
Average1:42.5400m6:52 min/mi
WU29:033.22 mi9:00 min/mi175
13:24800m6:50 min/mi198
R2:23400m9:35 min/mi187
23:24800m6:50 min/mi197
R2:14400m8:59 min/mi185
33:22800m6:46 min/mi198
R2:24400m9:39 min/mi187
43:24800m6:50 min/mi197
R2:25400m9:43 min/mi186
53:30800m7:02 min/mi197
R2:08400m8:34 min/mi183
63:26800m6:54 min/mi199
WD10:581.21 mi9:05 min/mi178

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