Long run down to Hyde Park and back

Legs felt surprisingly good, at least to start with, after yesterday’s 10K race. A little dead going up the hills, but I was pleased to still be able to plod along at a reasonable pace despite the fatigue. Felt pretty knackered by the end of it, but not totally destroyed, so mission accomplished I guess.

17:23 min/mi156-59 ft
27:10 min/mi163-41 ft
38:07 min/mi172184 ft
47:41 min/mi168-69 ft
57:16 min/mi161-174 ft
67:24 min/mi164-66 ft
77:20 min/mi166-5 ft
87:22 min/mi166-11 ft
97:24 min/mi164-12 ft
107:31 min/mi163-19 ft
117:28 min/mi166-27 ft
127:43 min/mi16442 ft
137:27 min/mi16630 ft
147:21 min/mi162-4 ft
157:47 min/mi16350 ft
167:42 min/mi160-27 ft
177:47 min/mi16642 ft
187:39 min/mi16738 ft
198:11 min/mi171137 ft
207:30 min/mi165-86 ft
0.37:49 min/mi16726 ft
Total2:33:3920.3 mi7:34 min/mi165
114:351.96 mi7:26 min/mi161
28:401.06 mi8:08 min/mi173
321:102.83 mi7:29 min/mi164
47:180.98 mi7:25 min/mi168
58:311.11 mi7:41 min/mi165
631:014.10 mi7:33 min/mi165
78:361.12 mi7:40 min/mi165
810:301.36 mi7:42 min/mi162
98:231.08 mi7:47 min/mi160
1017:462.25 mi7:53 min/mi166
117:420.92 mi8:21 min/mi172
129:221.24 mi7:35 min/mi165

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