LSR down to Greenwich

Nice run down the Regents Canal to see the Tall Ships Festival at Greenwich. Surprisingly muggy out!

18:37 min/mi1613 ft
28:05 min/mi166-121 ft
37:44 min/mi173-69 ft
48:22 min/mi1723 ft
58:22 min/mi173-31 ft
68:16 min/mi170-49 ft
78:17 min/mi174-7 ft
88:11 min/mi149-7 ft
98:03 min/mi170-12 ft
108:12 min/mi169-6 ft
118:05 min/mi170-7 ft
127:20 min/mi1621 ft
138:18 min/mi1652 ft
148:13 min/mi169-1 ft
0.47:17 min/mi1717 ft
Total1:56:4814.4 mi8:07 min/mi167
110:211.17 mi8:48 min/mi161
216:422.12 mi7:53 min/mi170
312:111.43 mi8:32 min/mi173
47:250.89 mi8:19 min/mi170
51:10:068.43 mi8:19 min/mi167

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