LSR down to Hyde Park

Missed recovery run yesterday due to a heavy night out. Could have made the effort but figured it was better to rest up and make sure I got a good LSR in. Still, dancing counts as cross training right?!

Good long run today though, added a bit of extra distance as I missed yesterday, coming in at nearly 17 miles which felt comfortable enough.

18:09 min/mi162-85 ft
28:36 min/mi176119 ft
38:24 min/mi18066 ft
48:03 min/mi163-226 ft
58:01 min/mi164-93 ft
68:17 min/mi172-24 ft
78:28 min/mi169-5 ft
88:30 min/mi171-33 ft
98:33 min/mi167-3 ft
108:55 min/mi17443 ft
118:40 min/mi1753 ft
128:49 min/mi17838 ft
138:26 min/mi179-1 ft
148:33 min/mi1776 ft
158:33 min/mi17839 ft
167:59 min/mi17349 ft
178:44 min/mi17873 ft
0.28:46 min/mi18010 ft
Total2:25:2717.2 mi8:27 min/mi173
110:091.25 mi8:08 min/mi162
214:351.67 mi8:44 min/mi180
317:222.13 mi8:08 min/mi164
418:592.18 mi8:42 min/mi171
521:492.51 mi8:41 min/mi170
626:152.93 mi8:57 min/mi177
718:432.15 mi8:43 min/mi178
811:341.34 mi8:37 min/mi172
95:560.66 mi9:00 min/mi182

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