LSR including Resolution Hyde Park 10K

I decided to skip my schedules easy run yesterday, which I think was definitely the right decision. My knee felt fine most of this run, slight nagging towards the end but no pain and much better than it felt at the end of my last run, or at the 16 mile point of my run last week.

I’m pretty pleased with the run itself, the 10K in the middle is designed to simulate the end of the HM and I felt pretty good – heart rate a little higher than I would hope for the pace, but it was quite windy. Not a great course, quite twisty and potentially quite short. I apparently ran a 42:32 10K, a PB (!), but my Garmin measured only 5.77 miles. The Garmin went a little screwy on some points of the course, but I still think it was probably short.

Hopefully with a rest day tomorrow my knee will be fine for the next week, my last “big” week before the HM taper…

18:24 min/mi155-100 ft
29:04 min/mi166145 ft
39:03 min/mi16732 ft
48:26 min/mi149-199 ft
57:59 min/mi156-86 ft
68:50 min/mi160-21 ft
74:46 min/mi158-57 ft
0.57:16 min/mi11418 ft
97:04 min/mi146-19 ft
107:25 min/mi1882 ft
117:27 min/mi18816 ft
127:23 min/mi187-11 ft
137:29 min/mi190-0 ft
147:07 min/mi17731 ft
158:19 min/mi17316 ft
168:15 min/mi1776 ft
177:56 min/mi175-1 ft
0.27:40 min/mi173-20 ft
Lap Time Distance PaceHR
Total 2:12:32 17.2 mi 7:42 min/mi168
1 59:11 6.62 mi 8:56 min/mi159
2 42:32 5.77 mi 7:21 min/mi176
3 23:48 2.80 mi 8:29 min/mi175
4 6:59 0.82 mi 8:28 min/mi172

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