Medium-long via Victoria Park

Final mid-week 15 miler! Ticked along at a good pace today, bit of tiredness in the legs from the track session yesterday, but not too bad.

17:38 min/mi1626 ft
27:11 min/mi160-154 ft
37:19 min/mi163-83 ft
47:18 min/mi166-8 ft
57:22 min/mi166-11 ft
67:09 min/mi155-30 ft
77:24 min/mi160-10 ft
87:28 min/mi164-3 ft
97:17 min/mi1679 ft
107:17 min/mi166-1 ft
117:24 min/mi169-10 ft
127:18 min/mi1675 ft
137:06 min/mi168-0 ft
147:25 min/mi166-1 ft
157:11 min/mi1665 ft
0.36:46 min/mi1647 ft
Total1:51:3715.3 mi7:18 min/mi164
114:151.91 mi7:27 min/mi161
219:162.57 mi7:29 min/mi165
36:270.89 mi7:16 min/mi158
412:371.70 mi7:26 min/mi159
544:506.13 mi7:18 min/mi167
614:091.91 mi7:24 min/mi166

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