Medium-long via Victoria Park

GPS went nuts in Victoria Park again. Annoying as it was otherwise a decent run at a good pace, despite feeling a bit tired, and having a bit of a head cold. Might have to rethink doing my marathon-pace long run in VP this weekend, as similar GPS errors could really screw things up.

17:42 min/mi1696 ft
27:17 min/mi169-156 ft
37:28 min/mi172-81 ft
47:31 min/mi169-5 ft
57:33 min/mi173-17 ft
67:10 min/mi173-23 ft
76:34 min/mi175-10 ft
81:34 min/mi172-11 ft
9:23 min/mi169-33 ft
10:29 min/mi161-0 ft
11:08 min/mi15938 ft
0.9:14 min/mi1619 ft
13:37 min/mi172-39 ft
0.6:12 min/mi173-2 ft
15:52 min/mi1740 ft
168:04 min/mi17622 ft
177:46 min/mi17519 ft
187:40 min/mi173-8 ft
197:55 min/mi1736 ft
0.67:32 min/mi1707 ft
Total1:32:0212.2 mi7:32 min/mi172
17:110.92 mi7:46 min/mi168
27:150.98 mi7:23 min/mi170
319:312.54 mi7:40 min/mi171
46:370.89 mi7:27 min/mi172
512:322.82 mi4:26 min/mi174
6:370.72 mi:51 min/mi163
73:360.60 mi5:59 min/mi172
819:322.70 mi7:14 min/mi175
915:091.89 mi8:00 min/mi172

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