Poor tempo attempt (3 mi @ ~7:28 pace)

Cold weather, tired legs and no breakfast all conspired to make this tough work. I try not to do tempo runs in the morning, but didn’t have any choice today. Should have been six miles, but felt spent at three so dropped the pace back.

18:26 min/mi157-72 ft
28:49 min/mi16920 ft
38:40 min/mi167-35 ft
47:51 min/mi170-123 ft
57:32 min/mi182-48 ft
67:32 min/mi183-34 ft
77:58 min/mi18217 ft
88:14 min/mi174-62 ft
98:27 min/mi176-9 ft
108:32 min/mi172-16 ft
0.88:14 min/mi173-12 ft
Total1:28:4110.8 mi8:12 min/mi173
130:463.58 mi8:35 min/mi164
222:403.04 mi7:28 min/mi182
335:144.19 mi8:25 min/mi174

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