Pymmes parkrun #284

Wasn’t sure how the legs were going to be today, so decided to just see how I felt once I got going. Started out too fast as usual but felt pretty good. Lost 1st place about 1km in, and the guy slowly pulled away leaving me to a solo time-trial. Thoughts of tomorrow’s long run made me decide to ease back just slightly, to probably 90-95% effort. Pleased to hit 19:00 given all the miles in my legs, and that I wasn’t going all out.

13:375:49 min/mi1730 ft
23:496:07 min/mi1885 ft
33:506:10 min/mi190-17 ft
43:526:10 min/mi19111 ft
53:536:16 min/mi1896 ft
Total19:013.1 mi6:07 min/mi186
119:003.11 mi6:06 min/mi186

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