Pymmes parkrun #178

My first ever parkrun, and indeed my first ever proper 5K effort. A PB was therefore a given, but I didn’t expect to finish 2nd place! Pymmes Park is a great parkrun, fairly flat course and simple 3 lap route with just a couple of tight turns, but for some reason it doesn’t get huge attendances, with just 28 running today.

Used to being a middle of the pack runner it was nice to be up at the front, however the first place runner moved off in to the distance fairly quickly leaving me on my own with no one to work with. I could however hear some footsteps behind me almost all the race which helped keep me on the ball.

Finish time of 20:45 is reasonable, having never run a 5K I didn’t really know what effort level to go out at, in hindsight I probably should have gone harder in the middle lap or tried to keep up with the first place runner for a bit longer. Judging by the guys behind me collapsing to the floor at the end totally knackered, I didn’t put in enough effort! Still, enjoyable first parkrun and I will definitely be adapting my training so I can do more in the future.

14:056:32 min/mi1880 ft
24:146:48 min/mi1964 ft
34:156:50 min/mi194-10 ft
44:156:50 min/mi1957 ft
53:566:39 min/mi1945 ft
Lap Time Distance PaceHR
Total 20:45 3.1 mi 6:40 min/mi194
1 20:44 3.08 mi 6:44 min/mi194

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