Race rehearsal

Two miles at half marathon effort. Reasonably pleased with pace – I never hit the pace I want for these “rehearsals” but this went better than usual and pace was ok considering net uphill, bag on my back, etc. Just a few recovery runs left now!

18:35 min/mi15516 ft
26:59 min/mi1837 ft
37:15 min/mi18627 ft
48:27 min/mi17059 ft
58:10 min/mi164-24 ft
68:46 min/mi16881 ft
0.98:39 min/mi17076 ft
Total56:146.9 mi8:07 min/mi170
18:190.96 mi8:41 min/mi155
214:102.00 mi7:04 min/mi184
316:041.93 mi8:19 min/mi168
417:392.03 mi8:41 min/mi169

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