Rather windy LSR down to Regent’s Park

Very windy out today, so with that and my parkrun yesterday took things relatively easy for today’s long run. Wind was crazy going over Primrose Hill, felt like running through treacle!

All things considered pleased with the pace – a few months ago this would have been a decent pace in good weather, and at a higher HR/effort level…

18:06 min/mi156-58 ft
28:07 min/mi164-30 ft
38:45 min/mi170186 ft
47:51 min/mi171-81 ft
57:48 min/mi169-190 ft
67:50 min/mi165-70 ft
77:56 min/mi167-14 ft
88:04 min/mi16916 ft
98:33 min/mi165-3 ft
108:40 min/mi16731 ft
118:17 min/mi1683 ft
128:28 min/mi16435 ft
138:46 min/mi16185 ft
148:25 min/mi16846 ft
Total1:55:4814.0 mi8:15 min/mi166
115:231.90 mi8:05 min/mi160
29:321.09 mi8:43 min/mi169
350:286.27 mi8:02 min/mi168
43:430.42 mi8:48 min/mi171
55:210.66 mi8:05 min/mi161
67:570.93 mi8:35 min/mi170
79:511.17 mi8:24 min/mi162
813:301.57 mi8:35 min/mi166

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