Recovery down to the City

The legs are starting to feel nice and fresh as the taper kicks in. So far haven’t had any of the lethargy than can kick in when you take your foot off the gas. Effort felt super-easy, although the HR was a touch higher than I’d have expected. However I remember reading about how HR is suppressed when under heavy training load, so I suppose it’s natural for it to rise a little when things are getting easier.

18:43 min/mi1558 ft
28:20 min/mi149-164 ft
38:35 min/mi151-90 ft
48:12 min/mi15326 ft
58:38 min/mi157-61 ft
68:41 min/mi1588 ft
0.37:45 min/mi15431 ft
Total53:346.3 mi8:29 min/mi154
116:551.96 mi8:36 min/mi152
217:171.95 mi8:50 min/mi153
319:202.20 mi8:46 min/mi157

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