Recovery run in the rain

Nice easy first run after the HM. Legs felt better by the end than at the start, which I think is a good sign! No niggles to report after the HM. Going to spend a week or two taking things easy, then I have about eight weeks to perhaps bring down my 5K and 10K PBs, before marathon training starts in December.

19:02 min/mi15714 ft
28:40 min/mi16312 ft
38:58 min/mi17041 ft
48:31 min/mi1683 ft
59:13 min/mi173144 ft
0.89:18 min/mi17398 ft
Lap Time Distance PaceHR
Total 52:07 5.8 mi 8:56 min/mi167
1 24:00 2.63 mi 9:07 min/mi163
2 8:20 0.94 mi 8:49 min/mi169
3 9:49 1.09 mi 9:02 min/mi170
4 9:58 1.05 mi 9:32 min/mi174

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