Strength and conditioning

Lateral raise (x15)
Weighted squats (x15)
Plank matrix (1 min front, left, right, back)
Chest press (x20)
Single-leg weighted deadlifts (15 per leg)
Pushup matrix (normal, left arm forward, right arm forward, x5)
Single-leg hip bridge w/resistance band (20 per leg)
Reverse dips (x20)
Adductor strengthen (20 per leg)
Reverse crunches (x20)
Overhead press (x15)
Side-lying raise w/resistance band (20 per leg)
Renegade rows (15 per arm)
Fire hydrants (20 per leg)
Incline chest fly (x20)
Weighted lunges (20 per side)
Bicep curls (x15)
Bird-dogs (20 per leg)
Single arm tricep extension (20 per arm)
Dumbbell thrusters (x15)

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