Tempo run (4.5 miles @ ~7:14 pace)

Pleased with the pace despite net uphill route and blustery conditions. I was running at my 10K PB pace, but heart rate was at least 10 BPM lower than it was during my 10K. No ankle niggles like my previous few tempo runs either. With any luck a new PB should be on at the Regent’s Park 10K I’m doing next week.

18:49 min/mi150-16 ft
27:14 min/mi181-7 ft
37:14 min/mi18247 ft
47:18 min/mi184-12 ft
57:13 min/mi18221 ft
68:03 min/mi17762 ft
78:58 min/mi165126 ft
0.59:10 min/mi16720 ft
Lap Time Distance PaceHR
Total 59:39 7.5 mi 7:55 min/mi173
1 8:59 1.02 mi 8:50 min/mi151
2 32:39 4.52 mi 7:13 min/mi183
3 18:00 1.99 mi 9:03 min/mi167

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