Tempo run (4 mi @ ~7:29 pace)

Day one of marathon training! I will be following the Pete Pfitzinger 18 week, 55-70 mile per week plan from Advanced Marathoning. Six runs per week, and >50 miles per week for the next 16 weeks – bring it on!

It certainly throws you in at the deep end – first run is four miles at tempo. Didn’t go particularly well unfortunately. I was running in to the wind, and of course my usual route home is net uphill, but my heart rate was also high compared to how the effort felt. Even during the warm up it shot up much higher than usual, and the pace was very disappointing. The air was very cold and my breathing felt a little short, so perhaps that did it.

Strange as I felt fine in myself beforehand. I decided to just stick with an effort that felt sustainable, and I’m just going to write it off as “one of those runs”. Not the best start to my marathon campaign, but plenty more runs to make up for it…

18:49 min/mi1663 ft
27:23 min/mi19013 ft
37:47 min/mi19237 ft
47:17 min/mi193-9 ft
57:24 min/mi19523 ft
69:02 min/mi18154 ft
79:13 min/mi177117 ft
88:53 min/mi173-7 ft
98:58 min/mi16848 ft
Lap Time Distance PaceHR
Total 1:14:59 9.0 mi 8:18 min/mi181
1 8:48 1.00 mi 8:49 min/mi166
2 29:56 4.00 mi 7:28 min/mi192
3 11:35 1.28 mi 9:02 min/mi179
4 9:31 1.03 mi 9:12 min/mi179
5 15:07 1.70 mi 8:53 min/mi169

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