Tempo run home

GPS was a little screwy to start off, so pace on first the two splits is off, but overall a decent tempo session that felt fast but controlled despite the quite strong winds.

17:20 min/mi173-39 ft
27:22 min/mi179-12 ft
37:29 min/mi18272 ft
47:47 min/mi184-21 ft
58:19 min/mi18470 ft
69:52 min/mi182165 ft
0.58:51 min/mi1821 ft
Total52:326.5 mi8:05 min/mi181
15:050.73 mi6:56 min/mi169
22:550.30 mi9:46 min/mi184
39:401.40 mi6:55 min/mi182
44:420.61 mi7:40 min/mi181
54:260.57 mi7:50 min/mi185
63:460.47 mi7:57 min/mi185
77:490.89 mi8:48 min/mi185
89:170.99 mi9:24 min/mi183
92:400.32 mi8:24 min/mi179

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