Tired recovery run home

Bit tired today, and have feel like I have the beginnings of a head cold. Hoping lemsips and an early night stop it getting any worse.

18:39 min/mi1597 ft
28:39 min/mi16315 ft
38:43 min/mi16837 ft
48:42 min/mi164-5 ft
58:53 min/mi16681 ft
69:08 min/mi169132 ft
78:38 min/mi160-45 ft
Total1:01:337.0 mi8:46 min/mi164
122:432.61 mi8:42 min/mi162
222:322.57 mi8:46 min/mi166
39:241.02 mi9:11 min/mi171
46:520.81 mi8:29 min/mi157

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