Track session (2×2 mi, 2×1 mi @ goal 10K pace)

I’ve switched to doing these late morning now the clocks have gone back. Overall pleased with the performance – definitely not easy but it’s not supposed to be and seem to be on track for a decent sub-40 performance in a little over three weeks time.

Didn’t quite mean for this to be 12 miles in total – had forgotten that with 6 miles of effort, plus recoveries and warm-up/warm-down, it would all add up.

18:27 min/mi155-19 ft
28:24 min/mi155-100 ft
38:23 min/mi161-26 ft
46:46 min/mi175-12 ft
56:22 min/mi1911 ft
68:26 min/mi166-1 ft
76:21 min/mi187-2 ft
87:19 min/mi1812 ft
97:08 min/mi1708 ft
107:42 min/mi171-3 ft
117:11 min/mi1738 ft
128:40 min/mi157-6 ft
Total1:30:5912.0 mi7:35 min/mi169
2 ×12:48.53200m6:26 min/mi
1 ×6:24.01600m6:26 min/mi
1 ×6:24.01700m6:03 min/mi
Average1:35.5400m6:22 min/mi
WU27:153.24 mi8:24 min/mi156
112:473200m6:25 min/mi189
R5:40900m10:07 min/mi157
212:503200m6:27 min/mi186
R5:17900m9:26 min/mi160
36:241600m6:26 min/mi183
R3:03400m12:16 min/mi154
46:241700m6:03 min/mi182
R:36100m9:39 min/mi171
WD10:371.23 mi8:36 min/mi155

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