Track session (3×2 mi @ 10K goal pace)

5 minute recoveries. Phew, did it! Hard work with quite a windy home straight, but managed to hit target pace consistently so pleased with the session.

Will start to wind things down gradually now ahead of the race a week on Saturday. Fingers crossed the wind eases off by then!

18:19 min/mi155-12 ft
28:33 min/mi154-103 ft
38:05 min/mi164-24 ft
46:48 min/mi177-15 ft
56:20 min/mi1920 ft
68:02 min/mi1721 ft
76:13 min/mi189-1 ft
87:14 min/mi1863 ft
97:13 min/mi1734 ft
106:20 min/mi1880 ft
118:11 min/mi17114 ft
128:27 min/mi1603 ft
Total1:29:5712.0 mi7:29 min/mi172
3 ×12:48.73200m6:26 min/mi
Average1:36.8400m6:26 min/mi
WU27:203.28 mi8:19 min/mi157
112:513200m6:27 min/mi191
R5:21900m9:33 min/mi164
212:443200m6:24 min/mi188
R5:07800m10:17 min/mi165
312:513200m6:27 min/mi187
R3:13450m11:30 min/mi163
WD10:261.24 mi8:25 min/mi159

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