Track tempo session (2 × 2.5 mi @ LT)

Should have been 5 miles non-stop but an energy sapping headwind on the home straight meant I took a 400m recovery half way through.

Overall relatively pleased with the performance on a windy day, especially given I did a twenty miler just 2 days ago. Heart rate and paces are slowly coming back to me now I’ve shifted my illness, thankfully!

16:43 min/mi1752 ft
26:57 min/mi1891 ft
37:09 min/mi182-6 ft
46:52 min/mi187-2 ft
56:54 min/mi1870 ft
0.36:38 min/mi187-3 ft
Total36:295.3 mi6:54 min/mi184
16:461.00 mi6:44 min/mi175
26:561.00 mi6:56 min/mi189
33:290.50 mi6:53 min/mi189
42:020.24 mi8:19 min/mi170
57:121.06 mi6:47 min/mi186
63:070.45 mi6:51 min/mi187
76:531.01 mi6:47 min/mi187

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