Twenty mile LSR down to Hyde Park and back

That’s more like it! The lingering effects of my cough/cold are finally lifting and I made a special effort to ensure I was well rested for today’s run after quite a tiring first week back at work.

Felt much better as a result, and zipped along at a reasonable pace much closer to what I was producing before Christmas. After a few confidence sapping runs over the past few weeks it feels really good to be pleased with my performance after a run!

17:30 min/mi169-52 ft
27:54 min/mi173-41 ft
38:38 min/mi181192 ft
48:07 min/mi175-90 ft
57:37 min/mi170-199 ft
67:41 min/mi174-56 ft
77:43 min/mi174-15 ft
87:43 min/mi175-20 ft
97:57 min/mi17626 ft
107:55 min/mi171-29 ft
117:47 min/mi172-27 ft
127:57 min/mi17242 ft
138:03 min/mi1731 ft
147:59 min/mi17316 ft
158:05 min/mi17237 ft
167:59 min/mi1717 ft
178:10 min/mi17529 ft
188:31 min/mi17698 ft
198:22 min/mi17727 ft
208:17 min/mi172-3 ft
Total2:40:1520.0 mi8:00 min/mi174
114:371.90 mi7:40 min/mi171
29:101.06 mi8:37 min/mi181
321:402.78 mi7:47 min/mi174
47:380.98 mi7:48 min/mi175
59:001.17 mi7:40 min/mi174
631:394.00 mi7:54 min/mi173
78:371.08 mi8:00 min/mi173
810:461.35 mi8:00 min/mi172
98:211.06 mi7:54 min/mi172
1018:372.26 mi8:14 min/mi174
118:210.97 mi8:38 min/mi179
1211:441.43 mi8:13 min/mi172

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