Victoria Park 10K January 2016

Ran this as a training run, as it replaced a tempo run in my marathon training plan. I forgot to add a heart rate field to my watch display so ran purely by feel. Despite that I seemed to judge the effort well and felt strong the whole way around – didn’t have to dig deep like I would on a all-out race effort. Overall pretty pleased with the pace I sustained compared to what the HR ended up being.

Incidentally, race organisation was terrible. Chaos at start with poor signage and big overlapping queues. The start was delayed by 15 minutes, only for them to then start the race just 10 minutes after the planned start. I didn’t even realise the race had started – the crowd started slowly moving towards the start line and I suddenly realised we were about the cross the start line! And finally, had to queue for water at the end because there was just one poor guy pouring out water from a little water container. Must have been chaos 10 minutes later when the bulk of the field will have been finishing.

14:006:24 min/mi161-1 ft
24:056:34 min/mi1874 ft
34:046:32 min/mi1913 ft
44:036:31 min/mi192-7 ft
54:086:38 min/mi1917 ft
64:066:36 min/mi188-3 ft
74:146:47 min/mi189-9 ft
84:126:46 min/mi18910 ft
94:096:41 min/mi187-1 ft
103:506:27 min/mi192-1 ft
Lap Time Distance PaceHR
Total 40:48 6.2 mi 6:33 min/mi187
1 4:02 0.63 mi 6:24 min/mi161
2 4:04 0.62 mi 6:35 min/mi188
3 3:58 0.61 mi 6:30 min/mi191
4 3:56 0.60 mi 6:31 min/mi192
5 4:12 0.64 mi 6:36 min/mi191
6 4:04 0.62 mi 6:35 min/mi189
7 4:07 0.61 mi 6:43 min/mi189
8 8:20 1.23 mi 6:46 min/mi188
9 4:01 0.63 mi 6:22 min/mi191

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