Week four day three of C25K

Snow on Saturday night meant Sunday’s planned run had to be postponed, as the local paths were very slushy and slippy. By today enough had melted to be able to run along a modified route just going up and down a main road near my house. The road is almost completely flat which I much preferred running over the quite hilly loop I had been using. Not having to worry about forthcoming climbs was great, so I might try a new, flatter route in the future.

In other news I’ve got a place on the Royal Parks Half Marathon in October! I entered the ballot not thinking I was likely to get a place, but now I have I’m both excited and terrified. Running a half marathon seems like an almost impossible task at this point, but given how much my fitness has improved in the few weeks I’ve been running C25K I’m sure I can manage it, especially as I have eight months to prepare. I have a lot of work to do between now and then though…!

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